Email Security & Archiving

91% of hacking attacks begin with phishing or spear-phishing. Are your defenses ready?

Your organization can't afford disruptions to your business - breaches cost organizations in many ways, including reputation. Managers and Executives dread explaining to customers, partners, and the media how sensitive information got into the wrong hands. What is more difficult, is working to rebuild the trust you lost after a breach has occurred.

The majority of email is bad. Approximately 60% of inbound email is classified as bad. With volumes that high, protecting against routine spam and commodity malware is important, but you will need to do more to address targeted attacks. Most current email security systems were not designed for this level of defence. So you may be defending your organization with limiting technology. Is this part of the excuse you want to tell your customers when a breach occurs?

Why Haya?

The protection of your data and e-mails security are our number one priority at all times. With this in mind, we provide a range of business-class products and security solutions tailored to your exact requirements that gives you complete peace of mind including number of various products which helps you to protect business email by securing and archiving.

Email archiving helps reduce the costs associated with email management. Mailbox size and quota management are primarily a concern for organisations with on-premises email servers, but even for those that have moved to hosted email, archiving still brings significant benefits.